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If you need orthodontic treatment, Wright Orthodontics offers an advanced system, AcceleDent® Aura™, to help straighten your teeth up to 50% faster! With the AcceleDent Aura system, you can now reduce the time spent in braces. This appliance is safe, fast, easy to use, and hands free.

What Is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a device that uses SoftPulse Technology® and is approved by the FDA. It accelerates tooth movement and decrease discomfort without the help of invasive surgery. The force it applies to your teeth is 200x less than the force of chewing, but reduces orthodontic treatment by as much as 50%, and it only needs to be used for 20 minutes a day.

The mouthpiece is fitted around your orthodontic appliance to increase tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse technology. The gentle micropulses increase the speed of bone remodeling around the teeth, which allows the teeth to move faster. You may experience some tingling, as if you were using an electric toothbrush, but the device is designed to be lightweight and comfortable for pain-free treatment. AcceleDent can benefit patients of all ages, even adults.

For more information on how you can use AcceleDent Aura in Batavia, Illinois, please contact the orthodontist, Dr. Randy Wright. Our office number is 630-208-1200. We hope you will reach out to us, today!