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If you are searching for a skilled, personable orthodontist in Batavia, Illinois, we invite you to read our patient testimonials about Wright Orthodontics and Dr. Randy Wright. If you are a current patient, we would love to hear from you, so please call us and learn how you can review our orthodontic office in Batavia, Illinois.

“Today I had a check-up and I met a very nice and friendly woman who was the helper, and I also met a very gentle kind man who was the doctor. This place is amazing. Everybody was being so nice when I was there! I wish I could go there every day. One of my favorite things about this place is when the doctor looks at my teeth with his medical gloves. I recommend this place to everybody!” C.G. 02/03/15

“I love everything about this place! Everyone is always so nice and they always remember my name. They always give me advice on my braces and give me hope of getting them off. J They always try to plan around my schedule for future appointments, especially once school is in. I would totally recommend Dr. Wright and staff to any of my friends.” S.G. 08/19/14

“I love this place! Everyone is so welcoming and remembers my name! They are all so kind. When I first got my expander on, the orthodontist called that night and asked how I was doing! So kind and professional; I would definitely go here if you’re looking!” K.W. 07/22/14

“Dr. Wright and his assistants do an excellent job on your teeth. Works wonders! They also have cool colors for your bands and interesting patterns for retainers.” E.W. 7/24/15

“This is a great office. So far everyone has been super nice. Dr. Wright is very kind and will even call to check on his patients after hours. They do a great job of trying to make the kids experience a good one and not too stressful.” E.C. 07/01/15

“Today I got my upper braces. Everyone was very nice. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Mr. Wright is very patient and helpful. I have recommended him to my friends.” D.F. 06/29/15

“I recommend this orthodontist. I have never been disappointed with Wright Orthodontics! They are all great and sweet people. It is a very warm and welcoming place to go.” A.C. 06/16/15

“Dr. Wright along with everyone there is so kind. They always ask about my day and are glad to see me. They are very knowledgeable about what they are doing and every time I go it is a great experience. I am very glad to be at such a great clinic!” S.M. 04/11/15

“Dr. Wright is such a cool guy and all of his helpers are so helpful and kind too. They always want you to be in good spirit and they do it by doing a great job on your teeth. I would definitely recommend Wright Orthodontics to any of my friends!” J.M. 03/18/15

“I had an appointment today and I got my expander put on. Dr. Wright was putting it on and he made sure that he wasn’t hurting me when he was putting in on. That was very nice. I also really like that they give out the cookies because that is kind of a “reward” for getting a check-up/ putting on some appliance. I also really like that they are trying to have the best way to give me a great smile.J” C.A. 02/29/15

“I just got my braces on and they don’t hurt at all when you get them on. Dr. Wright was asking me if I was okay and even called my house the first night to check if I was still doing okay and had any questions. Everyone is so nice there!” D.D. 01/03/15

“Out of all the orthodontists I went to when I was looking to get braces, Wright Orthodontics is very professional and the employees there are so friendly. Wright Orthodontics is the best orthodontist in Kane County.” K.M. 06/25/14

“Dr. Wright and his staff are very nice. I am never nervous about going to see them. The best part are the warm chocolate chip cookies they serve in the waiting room!” F.P. 12/11/14

“I love Dr. Wright!! HE IS THE BEST!!!!!! When I first considered braces I decided to visit three orthodontists to get the most for my money. The first two orthodontists were nice, but their offices were poorly run. I felt like I was being pressured to start that day. Dr. Wright was my 3rd opinion. From the first phone call to schedule my appointment I knew that this would be a different experience than the others. A kind and friendly lady scheduled my appointment. Hands down the most detailed first patient exam. Dr. Wright did an excellent job of explaining what his concerns were and what he was recommending. His nurse was so great at explaining all that Dr. Wright was recommending and showing me the different braces available. His fee was not the cheapest but seeing how detailed he was and how well run the office was you definitely get what you pay for. I have been in my braces for five months now, so excited to finally be working toward the smile I’ve always wanted. Thanks to Dr. Wright and his great staff!” S.S. 01/06/15