How Invisalign® Works

If you need orthodontic treatment but are hesitant about wearing metal brackets and wires, you may choose Invisalign®. As you are just beginning your Invisalign journey, or simply considering taking that first step, Dr. Randy Wright and our team are happy to walk you through the Invisalign process. You will... Read more »

Adult Orthodontics

Many people believe that braces are only for children and teenagers. However, more and more adults are undergoing braces or aligner treatment. According to Harvard Health Publications, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. It is never too late to have your teeth straightened so you... Read more »

Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Invisalign®

If you have not yet heard of Invisalign®, it is a high-quality treatment system designed to straighten your teeth. Invisalign orthodontic aligner systems are custom-made for your smile to give you the straight teeth and the peace of mind you need. The following is a list of benefits that Invisalign... Read more »

Malocclusion & Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry whose focus is the correction of jaws and teeth that are positioned improperly. When the teeth are crooked or crowded, they are harder to sufficiently clean, so they are more prone to cavities. Misaligned teeth or bad bites are referred to as malocclusion.... Read more »

Minor Alignment Issues with Your Smile Can Often Be Corrected by Invisalign®

Minor deviations in the alignment of your teeth can sometimes be left over from childhood or can result from natural changes in your oral structure as you age. While you might be able to live with a slightly unappealing smile, the improper alignment might also increase your chances of suffering... Read more »

Brushing Your Braces Correctly

Once your orthodontist has placed your new braces, it will be up to you take care of them and more importantly, your teeth. Your braces will give you a terrific smile that will last a lifetime, and you need to make sure that as your braces do their work, your... Read more »

Begin with Orthodontics

Are you in need of an orthodontic treatment to improve the position of your teeth? If you have any misaligned teeth, bad bites, unevenly spaced teeth, or a crooked smile, orthodontic treatments can help you. Modern society places a heavy burden on smiles. Oftentimes the difference between getting a job... Read more »

Preparing for Braces Placement

Your orthodontic treatment has been planned and you’re almost ready to have your braces placed by Dr. Randy Wright. There are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for this important step in your journey to a straight, beautiful, healthy smile. Clean Your Teeth Thoroughly If your... Read more »

What Will Happen When My Braces Come Off?

If you’re about to conclude your orthodontic journey, good for you! You’re about to have the smile you have always wanted. When Dr. Randy Wright removes your braces, there are a few things you can expect to happen. These things will help you have a top-notch oral health and smile.... Read more »

The Facts About the Pain Radiating From Your Tooth

Toothaches are common, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Many people dismiss it as a common smile pain that comes and goes, but they don’t realize that it could be a symptom of a larger problem. To tell you a little more about toothaches in Batavia, Illinois, Dr.... Read more »